Last time not

Day three back home. I’ve been good. I’ve been resisting drunken intentions, and staying home. I’ve agreed to meet with Honzik. No, I told him I wanted to meet. I don’t like things ending with an SMS I don’t remember writing and deleting. I’m naively hoping he’s not as uncaring. That maybe he’ll not grin […]

Anti anti-age

But sir, I want to, have cheeks sag, joints tighten and memory lag, grow stiffer, bitter and air it out as I will. I’d like to age, and have them age with me, to grow inside of me through and through down Aire against their will, we will.

Mluvíš? Mluvím.

I interviewed him back then, when I lived with my parents and had nothing more but my mind to my own.  It was a garage band that sounded much like all the other garage bands, but it was rock’n’roll, and I was 23. I can’t find the video to reassess its shortcoming and naivites. I […]