There’s a story for the psychiatrist. And a story for the psychotherapist. And then there’s a story for the parents. There’s a story for acquaintances, and one for closer of kin. And then there’s a story untold.

Dreamy dreams

It’s a post-apocalyptic, war-torn-humanity sort of scenario.  We’re forced along a mountainous path. There are no side paths; it’s a one-end, dead-end road. And it ends with a dozen of them. They’ve been awaiting us all along. There’s nowhere else to go, no other paths to take. So I keep walking until one of them […]

All the wrong things to say

In all blinding honesty, I’ve been suffering from depression for over a decade, since the start of the teens, the thirteens, to be exact. I’ve checked myself in with the wrong psychiatrist at the age of 17 and another wrong one at the age of 21.  I’m a prolific liar, but I care too much […]