There’s the filler and the killer camp. I’m a filler.

You give me an hour, I’ll turn it into thirty 60-seconds; you give me a minute, I’ll make it a sigh.

I’m pretty good, for my standards.

On a sterile day, I go lie in bed and wait for sleep, to wake into Monday or Sunday or Tuesday, and time will keep on moving, and I’ll keep on waiting for when it stops.

Letter of acceptance

Dear sir, I’m excited to let you know that your unvoiced, implied offer is still valid under the following conditions:

  • disown family at earliest convenience
  • relocate to São Paolo, Brazil, as instructed
  • maintain inexhaustible budget and desire
  • declare to love loosely
  • agree to lose love upon request

If either condition goes unmet, I will be forced to contact a different candidate.